Vice Foreign Minister of Panama ponders the role of international cooperation

Panama, Jun 2 (Prensa Latina) – Panamanian Vice Foreign Minister, Dayra Carrizo, assured today that international cooperation and multilateralism must be essential instruments in the response to the health emergency and access to vaccines against Covid-19.

During her intervention at the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries of the Central American Integration System, Mexico and the United States, the diplomat specified that both mechanisms are also important to face the socio-economic challenges of the pandemic and favor a sustainable recovery.

In the framework of the dialogue ‘Regional cooperation and causes of migration’, held in San José, Costa Rica, Carrizo highlighted the need to address this problem comprehensively and with shared responsibility.

‘Panama, as a country that respects the human rights of all migrants, regardless of their status, understands the multi-factor dimension of the migratory phenomenon and has a clear vision of the urgency of a broad dialogue with the participation of all actors in the route of transit from South to North America,’ she said.

Regarding the strengthening of institutions and the fight against corruption, the vice minister affirmed that the Isthmus nation took concrete actions to comply with the high standards of international transparency.

In this regard, she mentioned fiscal cooperation to prevent evasion in third countries and illicit financial flows, the strengthening of government departments to advance the exchange of information, and the modification of the national legal framework.

Carrizo’s agenda included a bilateral meeting with the Vice Foreign Minister of Costa Rica, Adriana Bolaños, in which they agreed to a meeting of the mixed border limits commission to specify details on the demarcation of the new milestones.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama, both diplomatic representatives discussed the flow of irregular migrants in the region, in which the Isthmus nation seeks to internationalize this recurring phenomenon in a comprehensive, proactive and timely manner with all the countries involved.

Carrizo offered details of the eighth edition of the Our Oceans International Conference, which will meet in Panama with the aim of identifying joint solutions to improve the management of marine resources and the conservation of the oceans in the face of climate change.

She also referred to the upcoming expansion of the Coiba Cordillera Managed Resources Area, in the eastern tropical Pacific, with which Panama will achieve 30 percent protection for its marine areas.

This initiative will facilitate the marine connection and migration routes throughout a “biogeographic province” of great diversity, which involves Panamanian, Costa Rican, Colombian and Ecuadorian waters, up to the Galapagos Islands, she stressed.

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