The International Relations Commission approved the report for the first debate of the Navigation Law draft

The document was approved with seven votes in favor and will be discussed in Plenary once the Presidency of the National Assembly decides to include it on the agenda.

February 24, 2021 – 4:40 PM

SAN CRISTÓBAL, Galapagos. The coast guard boat San Cristóbal joined the fight against smuggling on the high seas.

The International Relations, Sovereignty and Comprehensive Security Commission of the National Assembly approved the report for the first debate of the draft Organic Law on Navigation, Safety Management and Maritime and River Protection in Aquatic Spaces, with seven votes in favor.

This is one of the regulations worked out in coordination with the executive that works to update regulations and controls at sea. It is the first of the three military laws presented to the Assembly this legislative period, with a report provided for the first debate. The other two are the draft of the State Security Code and the draft of the Personnel and Discipline Law.

The project creates the “National Maritime Organization System” whose governing body is the National Defense Authority; today, the Ministry of Defense, and the System Secretariat is in charge of the National Directorate of Aquatic Spaces (DIRNEA).

The Naval Force of Ecuador is the National Maritime Authority, which exercises its institutional powers in national aquatic spaces through 16 functions within the National Maritime Organization System.

The main purpose of the project is the efficient management of the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and inland waters. In addition, it has 15 chapters, 144 articles, five general and five transitory provisions, a repealing provision and a final provision.

It is divided into the following titles: National Maritime Organization System; Navigation and Navigation Safety Management; Maritime Protection of Aquatic Spaces, and Administrative Contraventions in Aquatic Spaces.

The update of the maritime regulations takes place in the context of the presence of the foreign fishing fleet on the high seas, near the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Galapagos Islands along with the desire of the Ecuadorian Government to improve the controls of this type of activity . (I)

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