Foreign fishing vessels are heading to the limits of the Galapagos Islands

Foreign fishing vessels are heading to the limits of the Galapagos Islands

Referential image of a Chinese vessel near the exclusive area of ​​the Galapagos Islands. Photo: Archive

January 14, 2021, 2:56 pm
By: Televistazo

The Ecuadorian Navy remains on alert for the anticipated presence of the fleet of foreign-flagged fishing vessels, which normally reach the limits of the Galapagos Islands in August to catch species.

Through satellite images, Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrín reported that vessels were detected in the vicinity of the exclusive economic zone of the marine reserve.

On September 12, 2020, more than 400 foreign fishing vessels were detected along the international limits of countries such as Chile and Peru.

On December 7, the Navy detected, through the ships’ GPS, that they were heading to the exclusive area of ​​the Galapagos archipelago, that is, the edge of the international limits.

“That entire column of fishing vessels is approaching to the northwest of the Galapagos Islands and [the vessels] are established approximately 400 miles away. You can see the limits of the exclusive economic zone and the proximity of the vessels,” Jarrín said.

For this reason, naval operations with aerial supervision have already been activated that will allow identifying if any of the foreign vessels carry out tasks in prohibited areas.

Yolanda Kakabadse, who is part of the commission created by the Government in defense of the Galapagos Islands, highlighted that a large part of these vessels are of the Chinese flag and that Ecuador must therefore seek a partnership with the Asian country.

“I think the only way we have to face this possible threat is to work with the Chinese government so that they are our protection partners in what is the ‘Crown Jewel’ not just of Ecuador, but of the planet,” argues Kakabadse .

It has been suggested that the objective of the fishing fleet this season is not the giant squid, but species that are in danger of extinction such as tuna and sharks.

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