50% of the population over 18 years of age has already been vaccinated in Galapagos

50% of the population over 18 years of age has already been vaccinated in Galapagos. So far, more than 9,000 people have been vaccinated on the islands

Authorities hope that by early June they will have vaccinated 100% of the island’s residents.

Check out the details in the following video:

The number of covid-19 shoots up in Ecuador, with 3,196 new cases and 89 deaths

The number of infections by covid-19 soared this Tuesday in Ecuador with 3,196 new cases in one day, to reach a cumulative of 391,242 positives, while the death toll grew by 89 in the last day, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Public Health.

The number of confirmed deaths reached a cumulative 13,688, to which are added 5,175 “probable deaths” with the disease, resulting in a total of 18,863 deaths during the  pandemic , whose registration in the country began on February 29, 2020 .

Cases by province

According to the official report, the province of Guayas accumulated 1,437 new cases in the last day, for a total of 51,943 positives, and exceeded in the daily record of Pichincha that added 652  infections  on the last day, although in the accumulated total it reached 137,319 people contaminated with the virus.

Behind these two provinces are Manabí (with 29,499), Azuay (21,377), El Oro (18,802), Loja (15,145), Tungurahua (12,197); Imbabura (12,036), Los Ríos (11,422), Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (10,559), Cotopaxi (10,394) and Esmeraldas (7,893), among the most affected.

Regarding the situation in the cantons or municipalities, the official report indicates that Guayaquil added 1,138 new cases in the last 24 hours and an accumulated 34,504 infections. While Quito increased by 513 positives in the last day, but with a total of 126,889 cases so far in the pandemic.

Behind these two cities are the municipalities of Cuenca (16,661), Loja (10,599), Portoviejo (9,809), Santo Domingo (9,338), Machala (9,276), Ambato (8,633) and Ibarra (6,225).

Read the original coverage from Teleamazonas at https://www.teleamazonas.com/el-50-de-la-poblacion-mayor-de-18-anos-ya-fue-vacunada-en-galapagos/

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