Ecuador seeks to reactivate commercial ties with the United States

The Minister of Tourism Niels Olsen was visited by the Ambassador of Ecuador in the United States, Ivonne Baki

Wed June 02, 2021

The authorities maintained a dialogue on the actions necessary to strengthen commercial ties and promote tourism from the North American country [to Ecuador].

The Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen, commented that it is expected to begin the tourist reactivation with travelers from the United States, which is one of its primary visitors. He stressed that Ecuador is open to business with the United States, so collaboration, articulation and joint work with the Embassy to strengthen tourist arrivals from our main international market are very valuable.

Among the topics discussed is the promotion of ecotourism and sustainable tourism, which are job generators, in addition to allowing us to maintain the environmental care of Ecuador’s attractions.

It was agreed to join efforts with the Embassy to promote the Galapagos destination, the gateway to the country for international tourists and an “anchor” to redistribute flows to other national destinations. It is important to remember that by the middle of this month, 100% of the population of Galapagos will be immunized against Covid-19, which makes it a destination with more chances for visitors due to the trust it will generate in travelers.

Likewise, continental Ecuador will advance in the next 100 days in the immunization of nine million people, which places it on the right line to transmit positive and trustworthy messages, which are in addition to the implementation of biosafety protocols to attract the tourists for an orderly and safe revival.

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