Four dogs control the entry of products not allowed to Galapagos

Four dogs control the entry of products not allowed to Galapagos

The brigade has detected approximately 700 collected African giant snails.

FEBRUARY 20, 2021 1:54 AM

Paulo Proaño, Minister of the Environment and Water, participated in the event to deliver technical equipment for the improvement of the non-intrusive inspection system with trained dogs.

These tools will strengthen the Dog Brigade in prevention procedures against the entry of exogenous species to the Galapagos Islands.

The delivery was made by the Sustainable Environmental Investment Fund –FIAS to the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Biosafety and Quarantine for Galapagos– ABG.

For the improvement of the non-intrusive inspection system, new smells can be implemented in the olfactory memory of the dogs and the training curriculum. Among the items delivered, it consists of dog food, suitable clothing, boots, dog training braces, dog protection boots and backpacks.

The ABG has four dogs that make up the International K-9 Canine Brigade that carry out inspection and phyto-zoo-sanitary control activities of products and by-products of animal and vegetable origin that are not allowed to enter the province of Galapagos. In addition, the brigade has a monitoring tool for the timely detection and control of quarantine pests.

Exotic organisms

Minister Proaño stated that “today is a great day for the island region of our country, because it presents a tool that brings great benefits for the conservation of species in the archipelago. This is another great step and the results have been positive since the implementation of the canine brigade.”

In this sense, Ana Albán, FIAS Executive Director, highlighted that “the ABG’s mission is to control, regulate, prevent and reduce the risk of the introduction, movement and dispersal of exotic organisms, which is why it is an institution in which we have seen deeply involved since its creation and whom we see as important to support in their actions ”.

Marilyn Cruz, executive director of ABG, expressed the importance of having a biosecurity system for the Islands that complies with inspection, surveillance for early detection and rapid response actions. “Trained dogs participate in the first two barriers, being a fundamental tool for the prevention and conservation of Galapagos.”

Since the implementation of the brigade, more than 76 illegal products, 374 by-products of interest and 147 suitcases contaminated with odors of interest have been detected, out of a total of 472,668 inspected luggage and an approximate of 700 collected African giant snails.

The Sustainable Environmental Investment Fund, through its project Fund for the Control of Invasive Species of Galapagos, supports the Canine Brigade in the process with the financing of $ 25,000 as the first contribution, provided in technical assistance as well as specialized materials and National Accreditation of Guides. (I)

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