Video: Statement from Mr. Norman Wray, President of the Gobierno de Galápagos

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🔴Breaking News🔴 [FULL TRANSLATION SCRIPT] Mr Wray says the @gobiernogalapagos is open for dialog and to remember that we are in a process of a economic reactivation. Tourist are starting to come to #Galapagos but they are doing so in a gradual way. Blocking roads and not allowing free transit puts in danger provision of public services. Additionally, does not allow families to have their normal activities into place. We live a complex situation, an economic crisis. Our country does not have the funds to help any other way the people. Although we are doing our utmost and what is in our outreach to be able to work for you. I request the transportation sector that at this time is blocking the access and the exit pathways to Puerto Ayora, to meet up at 3 PM (Galapagos GMT -6) to talk and upon your request would be at the main bus station. But please, I ask to lift the access pathway and the blocking to allow the normal flow of transit, as well as the normal activities of the population. It is the request that I make frontally, but fraternally. Let’s talk and solve. Many of the issues that the transport sector asks for is the responsibility of the National Direction of Transit Agency (CTE). I, myself have arranged for this dialogue to take place with the National Director of CTE. I again request your assistance to the dialogue, without pressure. That the blockade be lifted and that we work together for the economic reactivation of the islands, which is already taking place at this time. The blockades scare away tourism. I ask in a measured way, the only thing that will reactivate the economy of everything is that we return to have tourism here in #Galapagos

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🔴BREAKING NEWS🔴 – Norman Wray, President of


Secretary of Junta Ciudadana of #Galapagos Mr. Raúl Menoscal, speaks up about the local protests in Santa Cruz Island, #Galapagos.

He has been on hunger stroke for 8-days in a row to ask government officials for tangible solutions.


My name is Raúl Menoscal, I am secretary of the citizen council (Junta Ciudidana) in Canton Santa Cruz. The question is why the hunger strike. We are running out of alternatives, I believe.

After various talks with governmental council (Consejo de Gobierno), the mayors, we do not have any other alternative than request a public audience with Mr. President to see if in that way, the republic of Ecuador solves the problematic situation of the Galapagos Islands

I am a peaceful person (Junta Ciudadana) it is full of pacifists. The Galapaguenean people, they are a peaceful people.

What alternative do they leave us? We are not going to fall into the game of decoys and claims of vandalism in any way.

This is a message that Mayor Ángel Yánez and Norman Wray must have it very clear.

We are peaceful people, but they are not going to make fun of us, as you and all the authorities in the province have been doing.

Enough of that.

What are we going to do?

We want to solve this problem and we are going to solve it, now!


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