Coastal cleanup in Galapagos resumes in 2021

Thanks to the participation of 60 volunteers, it was possible to collect 770 kilograms of waste in Santa Cruz.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – 16:44

With the start of the Galapagos festivities, the days of the 2021 Coastal Cleaning Program started, executed by the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park, Conservation International Ecuador (CI-Ecuador) and the Coca-Cola Foundation of Ecuador.

“This is the fifth consecutive period of the program within the framework of our inter-institutional alliance, and this year it will focus exclusively on the Galapagos Islands,” said Mariana Vera, manager of CI-Ecuador’s Galapagos Program.

Four types of activities were planned for this year: coastal cleaning on populated islands, underwater cleaning, long cleaning trips in remote places and short cleaning trips in places not accessible by foot on populated islands.

On Saturday February 13, the first trips were made to different nearby places on Santa Cruz Island, with the participation of the Galapagos community in celebration of their festivities.

These cleanings were part of the agenda of events called “Santa Cruz connects with the sea”, organized by the local Municipal GAD, to commemorate the 184 years since the territorial annexation of Galapagos to Ecuador and the 48 years of cantonization, a date that is celebrated on February 12 of each year.

Thanks to the participation of 60 volunteers, it was possible to collect 770 kilograms of waste from the following sites: Punta Núñez, Cerro Colorado, San Vicente, Playa de Israelita, Playa Grande, Costilla de Ballena, La Torta, La Fe, Ensenada Rocafuerte and Playas Escondidas .

These cleanings were coordinated by the Santa Cruz Municipal GAD, together with the Galapagos National Park (PNG), CI-Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Navy and the Insular Front, with the support of members of the fishing sector, the Mas Galapagos collective, the Embassy of the United Kingdom. Kingdom and the local community.

Simultaneously, from February 8 to 15, the first cleaning trip to remote sites of the Floreana, Española and San Cristóbal islands took place. In this eight-day trip, with a group of 16 people including representatives of the PNG, CI-Ecuador and artisanal fishermen, 2,520 kg of waste was collected from remote sites on these islands.

For Paola Palacios, coordinator of the Coca-Cola Foundation of Ecuador, supporting this initiative is part of the commitment of ‘A World without Residues’ of the Coca-Cola company, whose goal is to collect and recycle one hundred percent of its packaging by the year 2030.

“Our commitment to the Galapagos Islands began in 2004, and we continue to generate positive changes in the community and the planet; This is possible thanks to the joint work and collaboration of our strategic allies and volunteers,” she assured.

To date, a total of 3,290 kg of waste from the archipelago has been collected in this period.

Over the course of the year, cleanups are planned at nearby sites on the other populated islands, as well as underwater cleanups and a second long trip to remote sites planned in March. All activities are carried out in accordance with the Biosafety Protocol that includes specific measures according to the type of activity.

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