UNESCO joins Galapagos Infinito: girls and boys navigating towards inclusive sustainability education

Quito, Ecuador

Quito, June 15, 2021– Seventh grade students in the Galapagos participate in ‘Galapagos Infinito,” an experiential education program that aims to bring them closer to the sea, promote their connection with nature and generate greater knowledge of their islands. The initiative now adds UNESCO support for the development of digital and face-to-face missions, thus complementing this meaningful learning experience that provides tools, information and stimuli to build the experience of young scientists in creative and leadership roles.

The program, created by the Naveducando Foundation, the Council of the Special Regime of the Government of Galapagos and the Pacific risk communication agency, aims to inspire the next generation of environmental and cultural conservationists for the protection and defense of the archipelago. “Galapagos Infinito” is a discovery mission that allows boys and girls to learn about the sea, science, biology, astronomy, animals, volcanoes, navigation, among other exciting topics, connecting them with their habitat from an educational approach for sustainable development.

This June 17, boys and girls will share a unique digital mission. They will connect to virtually meet the scientific crew aboard a research vessel, which features an underwater robot that will go down to explore the depths of the sea in the Eastern Pacific. Mission link: https://youtu.be/6GrbdQyAoqk

Within the framework of the alliance with UNESCO, 18 young people participated in face-to-face missions by boat in the North Seymour Islands and South Plaza on April 29 and May 1. The students of the Runakunapak Yachay and Specialized Education schools in Galapagos had the opportunity to visit other islands, learn about the crafts of the sea, practice science in the field and acquire new knowledge to appreciate the unique environment in which they live.

Liz Chiliquinga, a local student who was in one of the visits to the islands that were coordinated with the support of UNESCO, shared her enthusiasm: “We went to visit Plaza Sur for the first time and saw land iguanas, sea lions and learned about native species and introduced. We had the opportunity to get to know another island and get to know a beautiful landscape!

After a process of more than 20 years, we achieved a contextualized curriculum for Galapagos with a focus on sustainability, where the fundamental axis is experiential education,” said Norman Wray, former minister president of the Governing Council of the Special Regime of Galapagos, who He promoted the program during his tenure and participated in one of the visits to the islands.  

2021 has been an important year for Galapagos in terms of public policy related to Education for Sustainability. The approval of the Galapagos 2030 Plan recognizes as priority axes the strengthening of formal and non-formal education and the promotion of heritage island culture. Likewise, the Galapagos Agreement for Education provides a public-private-civil society space to promote articulated actions and informed public policy.

For more information on the Galapagos Infinito program visit https://galapagosinfinito.com/

Read the original coverage from UNESCO at https://es.unesco.org/news/la-unesco-se-suma-a-galapagos-infinito-ninas-y-ninos-navegando-hacia-la-educacion-inclusiva-por-la-sostenibilidad

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