Ministry of Agriculture works with Galapagos producers

The main aim is the natural conservation of the islands.

JUNE 15, 2021 8:27 PM

In Galapagos, only 3% of the activities are related to agricultural and livestock work, since the main undertaking is the natural conservation of the islands. In this context, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) expressed its intention to maintain production in an environmentally responsible manner. 

According to the agency, there are 546 production units in San Cristóbal, totaling 8,023 hectares and belonging to 413 producers. 

Heifer Ecuador, in alliance with the MAG, has launched a technical assistance and resource endowment plan for the island’s farmers. Greenhouses, for example, are continuous production systems that allow constant production throughout the year, to avoid the seasonality of the products, given the climatic conditions of the Galapagos.

Jimmy Bolaños, District Director of the MAG, points out that the San Cristóbal farms must be aligned with the objective of keeping the natural heritage of Galapagos alive. Agriculture must contribute to conservation. That is why supporting the transition to agroecological production is important for producers, consumers and for the islands.

Heifer Ecuador works in the structuring of the San Cristóbal businesses through the Rural Business School, which allows entrepreneurs to have a more orderly management of finances, marketing and management strategies that allow them better results in their businesses.

The purpose is to achieve sustainable production, improve the profits of producers through good business and make quality products available to Galapagos consumers, it is the way that agriculture is the best ally of conservation.

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