The prices of the vaccines that are applied in Ecuador against the coronavirus range between $4 and $18.50

The Government assures that it has negotiated 20 million doses to combat the pandemic although the process continues with delays.

May 14, 2021 – 12h00

The vaccination process has been developed at various sites in Quito. 
One of them in the ECU911.  Photo: Carlos Granja Medranda

The deadlines established by the Government for vaccination against the coronavirus are not met. It has attributed this to the delay in the dispatch of vaccines from providers.

According to the Vaccine Plan, for example, until last March 11 and 12 the process should have concluded in Galapagos in phase 1.

Phase 1 includes health personnel who had not been vaccinated, the elderly, vulnerable groups, public forces, teachers, firefighters, garbage collectors and other strategic sectors.

The Minister of Health, Camilo Salinas, in a radio interview, said that in the Galapagos Islands there has been an advance of 95% to 96% vaccination.

The official explained that Pfizer was asked to increase the quota to be allocated to Galapagos and to carry out an investigative study, although he did not elaborate on what aspect would be studied.

Adverse effects

Regarding the adverse effects that the inoculation has produced, Salinas mentioned that there are more than 150 cases.

The vast majority, he said, 95% to 96%, are the product of an allergic reaction of their own; there has been more minor adverse effects in AstraZeneca and Pfizer and less in Sinovac.

These three are the vaccines that are applied in Ecuador at the moment. whose immunization plan began in January.

In El Oro, a policeman suffered a problem of respiratory distress and was taken to the hospital. He was immunized with AstraZeneca.

In the province of Bolívar, in Echeandía, a person from the Fire Department, after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, suffered a hemorrhage, but – he added – it did not coincide with the cases reported worldwide. The patient was determined to have a congenital malformation.

New vaccines

Salinas stated that CanSino could dispatch 3 million vaccines between July, August and September, and progress is being made with the documentation for the technical endorsement.

Regarding Sputnik V  he stated that there would be 8 million vaccines that could be delivered soon. They have also made progress in documentation.

About Johnson & Johnson, he added that they could deliver a million vaccines as early as June.


Regarding the values, Salinas explained that each one has its price in accordance with previous negotiations.

He indicated that from the Covax Facility Initiative, the vial has a price of $10.55AstraZeneca $4; Pfizer $12; Sinovac $18.50; Johnson & Johnson $10; Moderna, with which there is no agreement, $33.85; Sinopharm there is no price; Gamaleya (Sputnik V) $9.95; CanSino, between $15 and $16; and Covaxx Biomedical Organization $10.55.

The values ​​refer to the two doses, he added.

According to the Government, 20 million doses have been negotiated.

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