#Scientific Expeditions – New species in the Galapagos seamounts

By Mongabay Latam on April 11, 2021

Although the Galapagos Marine Reserve was created in 1998, it was not until 2015 that the Nautilus vessel began exploring to characterize it. “For logistical and budget reasons, activities have almost always been focused on the land aspect since the cost of marine research is substantially higher,” explains María José Barragán, director of science at the Charles Darwin Foundation.

When Nautilus jumped into the sea, this foundation, together with the Galapagos National Park, began to discover seamounts: mountains under the sea, of volcanic origin, that do not reach the surface.

In a new episode of #Scientific Expeditions, biologist María José Barragán tells us about the project that explored the seamounts of Galapagos. In this marine area around 30 new species were registered for science.

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Main image: Scientists also used a submarine to make some of the trips to the depths of the sea. Photo: © © Juan Manuel García – Charles Darwin Foundation.

Read the original coverage from Mongabay at https://es.mongabay.com/2021/04/expedicionescientificas-nuevas-especies-en-los-montes-submarinos-de-galapagos/

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