Galapagos calls for police purge after illegal acts on the islands

The president of the Galapagos Governing Council called for an emergency committee to deal with the theft of a plane and the trafficking of baby turtles.

The Minister President of the Galapagos Government Council, Norman Wray, asked the Ministry of Government to consider the removal of “bad police elements” after two events investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office involving personnel from that institution.

Wray referred to the case of the theft of a plane , which was being investigated for drug trafficking, and which disappeared when it was guarded by the police , and that of a uniformed man who was captured when he tried to remove 185 baby turtles in a suitcase.

“In both cases, currently investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, active members of the National Police are being involved and prosecuted , in a number of five in the case of the plane in Isabela, and one in the case of species trafficking,” said Wray .

In his letter, Wray asks to urgently call a Security Council to ” restore the security of the province, strengthen the police institution, consider the relief of bad police elements .” He suggests that the meeting activate ” a security strategy against activities such as drug trafficking and species trafficking .”

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