Precautionary measures are issued to five police officers after the disappearance of a plane in Galapagos

Last Monday the disappearance was reported at the Villamil air terminal facilities.

March 24, 2021 – 07:02 PM
Updated on March 24, 2021

Precautionary measures were issued to five police officers after the disappearance of a plane in Galapagos. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office

On Wednesday afternoon, the Judge of Criminal Guarantees, Ramón Abad, issued a ban on leaving the country and presented five policemen before the authorities for the alleged alteration of evidence in the disappearance of a plane, which was under chain of custody in the Galapagos Islands.

The prosecutor of Santa Cruz, Lleislayne Chuncho, requested preventive detention in the hearing to formulate charges held in Galapagos and presented as elements of conviction: the investigation reports of the Judicial Police and Civil Aviation, the reports of the raids carried out to the Community Police Unit, the plane’s registration report, reported to Ecu 9-1-1; versions of the uniformed personnel who were in the police unit, the records of the search of the offices of the Civil Aviation Directorate (DAC) at the airport, in which eleven cell phones were seized; a base computer and a laptop.

The versions of the DGAC officials, function certificates, shifts, among others, were also released.

Abad partially accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and issued the precautionary measures for Jonathan M. P., Luis Ch. A., Franklin B. C., Julio R. Ch. And Patricio A. D.

Last Monday, the Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation into the disappearance of the Cessna Conquest II type plane that landed at the Isabela Island airport on January 8 without the authorization of officials and with an apparently cloned license plate. The aircraft was [subsequently] in the chain of custody of the Judicial Police.

Another investigation had been carried out since January, regarding an alleged crime of organized crime in order to find the occupants of the aircraft and determine the circumstances of the landing. This case had been reassigned to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Transnational Organized Crime Investigation Unit, in Guayaquil.

On March 17, the plane had been requested to transfer to Guayaquil, but the Police reportedly indicated that it had no pilots. (I)

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