Tourism sector will have technical assistance from the International Labour Organization for its reactivation and sustainable development

Public and private sectors agreed to create an executive roundtable for the reactivation. Photo / Ministry of Tourism

Tourism sector will have technical assistance from the ILO for its reactivation and sustainable development

FEBRUARY 02, 2021 5:08 PM

Labor reforms, effective promotion plans and financing are the points which different actors of the tourist sector began their arguments, with a view to achieving a sustained reactivation in coordination with the public sector.

André Ordóñez, from the Galapagos Chamber of Tourism, said that so far this 2021 there is a slight interest from people from other parts of the world seeking destinations such as the Islands. “Despite the confinement, they are looking for a way to find destinations with nature, open spaces and security, and all that Galapagos offers,” he stressed.

These actions are part of the outcome from the meeting between authorities of the Ministry of Tourism and sectors linked to this industry on Friday of last week; [in this meeting] was the implementation of an executive roundtable for the Reactivation and the Sustainable Development of the Tourism Sector in Ecuador.

Ordóñez emphasizes that this meeting will allow the articulation of actions and that they are expected to be maintained in an ongoing manner, since he is aware that in a short time there will be a new Government; “At least now there is dialogue and we hope that the legal framework of the future regime will be friendly to the employer.”

Raúl García, president of the Pichincha Chamber of Tourism (Captur), commented that the Executive Board has an opportunity to communicate and build solutions between the public and private sectors.

They agreed on the importance of technical assistance and cooperation from the International Labour Organization (ILO), to promote dialogue in the industry in order to identify problems and challenges. With this, a competitive reactivation and decent work will be encouraged.

The Minister of Tourism, Rosi Prado de Holguín, highlighted the role of the ILO in this process. “We rely on the agile, recursive, dynamic and interactive work methodology, where it is confirmed that planning and execution are closely intertwined. In addition, taking into account the national situation, all this will also establish a roadmap so that – regardless of the authorities in charge – the public policies in which the growth of tourism prevails, have continuity ”.

Philippe Vanhuynegem, Director of the ILO for Andean Countries, stressed that due to the pandemic, tourism presents heavy losses in income and in job creation. For this reason, he highlighted the importance of working to “foster dialogue between industry players, to find practical solutions that allow the sector to reinvent itself, save companies, save jobs and generate more and more decent work opportunities,” he said.

Piero Ghezzi, international consultant for the ILO, explained that this initiative aims to jointly solve problems, promoting an effective social dialogue between the various actors in the sector. He stated that the Executive Table for the Reactivation and Sustainable Development of the Tourism Sector in Ecuador will be successful with a true commitment from those who make it up. (I)

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