Organizations propose seven ‘vital’ points to the presidential candidates to achieve a sustainable Ecuador

The organizations request reforms to laws and greater environmental controls.

Organizations propose seven ‘vital’ points to the presidential candidates to achieve a sustainable Ecuador

February 2, 2021 – 03:03 pm

Environmental Proposals for Candidates for Presidents of Ecuador 2021

Fundación Rescate Animal Ecuador, Proyecto Sacha, Pacífico Libre and Sustainable Ocean Alliance presented, on January 31, the project Seven vital points for the future , a document that contains seven proposals for the current presidential candidates.

“Vital and essential issues for any presidential proposal, to build a sustainable, equitable and respectful Ecuador of the rights of nature,” said a statement.

The seven points addressed are:

  1. Urban fauna
  2. Wild fauna
  3. Climate change, mining and oil
  4. Oceans
  5. Expansion of the Galapagos Marine Reserve
  6. Agri-food
  7. Bioeconomy and circular economy

For example, the organizations propose a reform to the Civil Code, since animals are placed in the category of “things”. “The status of things is inconsistent with their ability to feel and with their intelligence. We know that this is a form of slavery still tolerated and openly practiced by our species,” the document says.

The Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP) also calls for a reform, since animal abuse falls into the category of criminal offense of private action. This places all the weight of the process and the investigation on the citizens, who must put ourselves at risk to have evidence that supports cases linked to various forms of atrocious violence, since neither the Prosecutor’s Office nor the Police are obliged to intervene in the prosecution of the crime.

“In the case of dog fights, since it is considered a crime of private action, it is not possible to initiate investigations from the Public Ministry into these clandestine networks that operate in the country, knowing a society accustomed to naturalizing violence and torture of defenseless beings “.

In addition, they request the protection of urban fauna throughout the national territory, control and effective sanction of establishments with animals destined for consumption, increase controls against wildlife trafficking in Ecuador, advancement in the development of renewable energy, protection of the ocean and en expansion of the Galapagos Marine Reserve, among other points.

In the world we want, animals are not things, mountains are not resources, water is not a good, the oceans are not a cemetery, women and men live free and equal, the statement indicated. 

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