Foreign Minister Gallegos, concerned about a possible new incursion of the Chinese fishing fleet to Galapagos

Foreign Minister Gallegos, concerned about a possible new incursion of the Chinese fishing fleet to Galapagos

The diplomat discussed the issue with Ambassador Chen Guoyou.

JANUARY 16, 2021 09:33

Foreign Minister Luis Gallegos (left) and Ambassador Chen Guoyou. Courtesy: Chancellery

Foreign Minister Luis Gallegos held on Friday, January 15, a meeting with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Ecuador, Chen Guoyou, in which they highlighted the excellent state of the bilateral relationship and addressed issues of interest to the two countries.

During the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Gallegos, stated that Ecuador and China have a fluid commercial relationship. Ecuador seeks a trade association with Asia that allows the increase of its exports to that important region of the world.

Regarding the decision of the Ecuadorian Government to sign a Framework Financing Agreement with the United States Financial Development Corporation, the purpose of this is to seek fresh resources for the country’s economy, it does not have a different political purpose, since Ecuador does not accept conditionalities in your negotiations.

Ecuador continues with China a permanent negotiation in economic financial terms.

In that sense, Ambassador Chen Guoyou celebrated Ecuador’s international position, which is pragmatic, balanced and multipolar, which is appreciated by his government.

The diplomat of the Asian country considers that the Ecuadorian market is open and not exclusive. He assured that the communication channels with all the Ecuadorian authorities are cordial and transparent.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Gallegos pointed out his concern to Ambassador Chen Guoyou about possible new incursions by the Chinese fishing fleet and highlighted the importance of protecting the Galapagos Islands, declared as Natural Heritage of Humanity.

As part of the dialogue, it was indicated that official meetings will be held to seek an agreement that suits both countries.

Ambassador Chen Guoyou reiterated that China has zero tolerance for illegal fishing and that they will continue to deal with the issue in a friendly manner to reach an agreement that respects the sovereignty of Ecuador and international agreements on this matter.

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