17 fake COVID-19 tests used to enter Galapagos

17 fake COVID-19 tests used to enter Galapagos

October 17, 2020, 8:00 am

Controls are reinforced to prevent the spread of the disease on the islands.

Galápagos authorities detect false evidence of COVID-19 presented by tourists entering the archipelago. These types of irregularities have been registered since last July.

Presenting a PCR test with a negative result for coronarivurus is a requirement to enter the islands. The rule applies to national and foreign tourists.

However, the authorities in that province have detected irregularities such as 17 tests with false results of COVID-19 in Galapagos, since last July.

Norman Wray, president of the Galapagos Government Council, indicated that the controls are intensifying due to the reactivation of tourism in the archipelago. According to the authority, there are falsified tests and others issued by laboratories that have not been certified to perform these tests.

Hence, the authorities have arranged that the accredited entities for this procedure send them directly the information of each traveler.

On this issue, the authority details that there is a complaint from passengers who requested a PCR test at a medical center and who offered to adulterate the results in case of testing positive for COVID-19. The fact is investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.


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