Navy rescues three shipwrecked people in Galapagos

Navy rescues three shipwrecked people in Galapagos

October 10, 2020, 9:53 am

The three people were on board a boat.

The Regional Directorate of Aquatic Spaces and Insular Coast Guards, through the Fernandina Island Coast Guard Boat, rescued three people who were on board the CHANDY boat, which had suffered a shipwreck west of Isabela Island.

The rescued people and the boat were placed in safe custody and transferred to Puerto Villamil.

The Ecuadorian Navy reiterates its commitment to the Ecuadorian people and safeguarding human life at sea.

The Navy itself shared images of the rescue, where the small boat is seen being towed.

Navy rescued three castaways in Galapagos

October 12, 2020 – 3:32 PM

Rescue of the occupants of the ship. Courtesy

The occupants of the ship indicated that there was a mishap during its trajectory. Three crew members of a fishing boat were rescued this Monday, October 12, according to information released by the National Navy.

According to preliminary information, the three people were aboard the “Chandy” boat , but suffered a mishap west of Isabela Island (Galapagos).

The Navy received the alert and mobilized a Coast Guard boat , which rescued the citizens.

The castaways were placed in safe custody and taken to Puerto Villamil, where they were able to meet with their families. The boat was towed by naval personnel. (I)

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