Community Update: The Passing of Julio Zamora

We are sad to report the untimely passing of Mr. Julio Cesar Zamora Condo, vice president of the Union de Transportista de Santa Cruz, partner of the Cooperative Los Túneles and president of CITRAN, distinguished and appreciated friend of the transport sector and the community. He was laid to rest on 16 September 2020.

He is survived by his wife Luz Guillermina Vargas Saritama and his children, Mónica Mariana, Carolina Sarahi and Grace Elizabeth Zamora Vargas, and his granddaughter Emily Estefanía Landa Zamora.

Mr. Zamora was a respected member of his community and spoke out against the injustices faced by the people of the Galapagos during the peaceful protests and hunger strike on Isla Santa Cruz. The demands and requests for dignity and humanitarian aid made by Junta Ciudadana have once again progressed and then stalled without action. The prolonged battle for food and economic security and aid for the islands has been drawn out again and again.

Mr. Zamora had time to be exposed to the virus in public while speaking out and demonstrating for action, and he passed away from COVID-19 and still resolutions have not been reached. We ask that the authorities conclude the matter at hand and address the basic needs and demands of their community in the Galapagos before more die senselessly from this virus.

Mr. Zamora said it best himself at a demonstration in October 2019 “”#Galapagos is characterized by being peaceful but it is tired of promises”!

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