Inhabitants of Galápagos Block Road Due to Lack of Response from Authorities

Protests took place this Monday on the road that connects the upper part and the port of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

August 25, 2020 – 00h07

Hundreds of protesters blocked Via Baltra, the main avenue that connects the upper part and the port of Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos, because the authorities have not responded to [a request for] a direct dialogue with the community regarding an economic reactivation.

It happened on the morning of this Monday, August 24. This radical measure that the inhabitants of Santa Cruz Island have taken is permanent, according to José Herrera, spokesman and coordinator of the Citizen Board of the Santa Cruz canton.

Herrera pointed out that they are demanding that the president of the Governing Council, Norman Wray, approach the road that is blocked to start a dialogue with the protesters and different unions that are protesting.

“We in Santa Cruz began with a measure of fact as such, San Cristóbal is going to make the same decision, like Isabela Island at 4 in the afternoon,” said the spokesman for the Citizen Board.He also assured that since June they sent a formal request to the Governing Council and, with a similar measure, they managed to meet with the plenary session.

Within that manifesto they raised different points for the economic reactivation and thirteen resolutions were approved, which have not been fulfilled to date, Herrera said.

“A production credit was requested. 85% of the population lives from tourism and since we do not have tourism, all businesses are going bankrupt and the little savings that people had already finished, what we are requesting is a credit to be able to buy food, they do not request bonds , nor baskets, “said the coordinator.

Similarly, José Herrera indicated that they are requesting the removal of the president of the Galápagos Governing Council, Norman Wray, and the technical secretary, Mónica Ramos.

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