Covid-19-Related Updates from the Galápagos (Ángel Yánez and Norman Wray)

Flag of United Kingdom Image reads: “Santa Cruz: COVID-19 Cases

“Yesterday, the cases increased by 12; we have 25 confirmed cases at the moment (…). Besides that, we have 7 cases that were indeterminate, and we have to retest them to see if they are positive or negative. I am not afraid of the virus, I am afraid of people’s irresponsibility and their lack of co-responsibility with others.”

Ángel Yánez Vinueza, Mayor of Santa Cruz (21 August 2020)

“In August, 387 tourists obtained their health clearance to enter the islands. [Authorities] focus on taking care of the health of the population and the destination & the reactivation of tourism is moving along.

Of these tourists, 296 are Ecuadorian and 91 are foreign. 11 protocols have been approved to reopen tourism in Galapagos, in addition to all the steps taken to have regular flights with LATAM and Avianca airlines.

Of the total number of tourists, 74% spent the night on land & 26% by boat.Thus, there is economic activity in all forms, but strongly in the towns, where the presence of tourists reactivates the economy. Our achievement: there is no community contagion of COVID on the islands.”

Norman Wray, Governor of the Galapagos (22 August 2020)


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