Ecuador Proposed Fishing Moratorium from June, not from September to November as Reported in a “Memory Aid”

Galapagos: Ecuador proposed to China to extend fishing moratorium from June and not from September to November as reported in a “memory aid”

Foreign Minister Luis Gallegos in a virtual appearance at the Assembly’s Commission for Sovereignty and International Relations this afternoon. Gladys Rivadeneira

August 17, 2020 – 5:34 pm

Quito – This afternoon, Foreign Minister Luis Gallegos reported that the Government of Ecuador had proposed to China to extend the fishing moratorium from June of each year and not only from September to November, as that country responded with a “memory aid.”

Negotiations with China continue and, so far, two meetings have been held, in which there has also been an exposition about plastic containers with Chinese labels on the shores of Galapagos and this point [regarding the months for the moratorium] is also part of the talks.

The Foreign Minister denied that any Ecuadorian authority has authorized China to fish in Ecuador’s jurisdictional waters, that is, within the 200 miles that include 12 of territorial sea and 188 of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), in the case of Galapagos. The 40 miles of the Marine Reserve are also included.

Gallegos attended the Commission of Sovereignty and International Relations and there he ratified that the Government of Ecuador works multilaterally to attract the support of several countries in the region and the world and present a consensual position before international forums. In addition, agreements are negotiated with Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica to combat unreported and unregulated illegal fishing (IUU). ‘

Gallegos requested a reserved meeting with this Legislative Commission to expand the points of the strategy to negotiate with China and present the issue in international forums in order to achieve greater protection of the species.

The strategy requires a long-term vision and action under the State since the problem came about from about twelve years ago, said Gallegos.

The Chancellor ratified that China is not a party to the New York Agreement, which governs the protection of highly migratory and straddling fish, therefore, it does not benefit from said international instrument.

Ecuador is also negotiating with Canada and the Global Fishing Watch agency that will make it possible to identify that all the vessels that are carrying out fishing activities in the area surrounding the EEZ are in the Authorized Vessel Registry of the South Pacific Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO – PS) and apply the “right of sight and inspection” of foreign flag vessels on the high seas.

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