Petition Letter to the Ecuadorian Government (English Edition)


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📣 Letter to the National Government and other authorities, regarding the issue of the international fishing fleet’s presence near Galapagos 📣

The petition from the Pacífico Libre collective is composed of 22 points supported on a legal and scientific basis.

These propositions are from four main axes:

• Maritime security and surveillance
• Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing
• Conservation of marine ecosystems
• Legislative actions
Visit our website to read the complete letter (link in bio)

You can find the form letter available for you to print and sign it! ✍️

If you want to join this cause, download the form letter in the link in our bio.

⚠️Please note: you must sign in blue ink and provide your full name, an identification number and an email address. If more than one person signs the letter, you must provide the name, ID number and email addresses for each signatory.

ℹ️You can then send your signed letter to the authorities by normal mail or by email. 📝📧

To send by email, scan the signed letter and send as an email attachment. (Mail addresses are on the link too)


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